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Compression Packing

JD Jones is the Best Compression Packing Manufacturer.

With various compression packing products for the different industries, JD Jones supplies top-notch products that are non-abrasive, chemical resistant, and can survive extreme temperatures.

The construction of each of these products is unique, scientifically made to be used in mines, centrifugal pumps, valves, agitators, etc.

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What Are Compression Packing Products?

Compression Packing also known as mechanical packing, sealing rope or packing rope is a braided yarn made of graphite, aramid, or PTFE. Blocking agents and other coatings are used in many braided packings to reduce leakage and provide cooling and lubrication during starting of the process. Cut into rings, the braided packing is inserted into a stuffing box and compacted with a bolted gland. The packing expands radially under axial compression, forming a seal between the equipment's stationary body and the dynamic surface, which is commonly a rotating shaft. These compression packing materials by JD Jones are made using quality raw materials.



Which industries need the best compression packing products?

JD Jones is one of the top suppliers of compression packing products crafted for industries. Ranging from pumps, valves, and mixtures to food and brewing, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, compression packing products are used extensively in all these areas.

What is the quality of the best compression packing products manufactured by JD Jones?

They are made with top-quality materials and lubricants. Compression packing products manufactured by JD Jones has been approved and standardized by leading valve makers and other end users. Their products have also survived fluctuating temperatures, chemicals, and friction.

What makes JD Jones one of the best compression packing products manufacturers across the globe?

JD Jones is one of the leading suppliers of compression packing products and around the globe primarily because of the trust they have built over the years by delivering quality products to its end users.