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NA 763RC - PTFE Graphited + Aramid Braided Packing + Rubber Core

Special high performance packing of aramid yarns corners and expanded PTFE graphite fibre yarns at the running surface with a black solid silicon rubber core at the centre

  • Ideal packing for services where chemical resistance, high strength and sliding properties are essential
  • Unique packing to run at high speed with minimum wear of shaft, exceptional extrusion resistance at high pressure together with high thermal conductivity, low co-efficient of friction
  • The special aramid fibres at the corners enhance pressure and extrusion resistance of the packing even at higher temperatures

The use of high temperature resistant rubber core enhanced compression and recovery property ie, resiliency of packing which improves the performance of the packing when used in old equipment where the shaft runs out of true due to worn bearings, poor support of shaft or due to wear and tear for long running

Service Media and Conditions Ammonia and carbonate solution plunger pumps, liquor pumps in paper mills like black and white liquor, sewage water, hot water, industrial water, oils, greases, solids, sand, weak acids and alkali solutions etc
Temperature -50°C to 280°C
Pressure 250 bar (static), 20 bar (rotary), 100 bar (reciprocating)
Shaft Speed 20 m/sec (rotary), 2 m/sec (reciprocating)
pH 1 to 13
Applications Digesters, plunger and centrifugal pumps, agitators, booster pumps