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NA 718 - Expanded Graphite + Carbon Fibre Corner Braided Packing

Expanded pure graphite braided packing with a reinforcement of high grade structural carbon yarns in interlock braid

  • A true multipurpose packing for a wide range of applications
  • High grade carbon yarns criss-cross the packing to emerge at the corners, providing mechanical strength and extrusion resistance to the packing
  • Excellent dry running capabilities reduce plant wide flush water use
  • A corrosion inhibitor prevents stem pitting
  • The packing fills into worn out surfaces and pittings, thus cutting out leak paths.
  • Dissipates heat without chemical hardening, resistant to chemicals

Available in rope and ring forms

Service Media and Conditions Caustics, water, steam, FCC catalyst and bottom slurry (refinery), DM water, all hydrocarbons, non-abrasive liquor, condensate, hypo, boiler feed water, fuel-lube oil, acid and alkali regeneration pumps
Temperature -240°C to 650°C
Pressure 300 bar (static), 30 bar (rotary), 200 bar (reciprocating)
Shaft Speed 20 m/sec (rotary)
pH 0 to 14
Applications Pumps, valves