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Food Processing Industry


The PTFE packing used in making bottle and can washer pumps are of best quality by JD Jones. It has Special spun novoloid fiber packing impregnated with PTFE and break-in lubricant in interlock braid

The compression packing products used by food processing industries to make Acid Pumps are of best quality. We make these with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. They're noted for their long-lasting durability, quality, and capacity to handle highly corrosive substances.

The centrifugals are made up of JD Jones best compression packing products. They generally contain different types of acrylic fiber and PTFE packing which make them high tensile and chemical resistant.

The valves and reciprocating are made up of JD Jones best compression packing products. Valve packing sets differ from standard packings in a few ways. JD Jones designed them in a way that they're optimized for the least amount of leakage possible based on the criteria.

Blood Cooker made of stainless steel for use in abattoirs and processing plants to cook blood from slain animals. The separation of solids and liquids is made easier with the Blood Cooker.

In the food and beverage sector, there are two types of valves: valves that come in contact with packaged food and valves that are employed in the operating systems. The valves in contact with the food product must make a seamless and smooth connection with the rest of the production line.

JD Jones is the Best Fluid Sealing Product Manufacturer for Food Processing Industry

JD Jones has amassed a collection of food and beverage seals. These have been specially created for applications in the food processing industry to give very high performance, outstanding mechanical capabilities, high chemical resistance, and compliance with food standards organizations. JD Jones is the best compression packing product manufacturer .

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How are JD Jones fluid sealing product used in the Food Processing Industry?

JD Jones' product line includes approved gasket and sealing materials that've been demonstrated to work in food and beverage processing. Food processing industries mostly need compression packing products for packing food to save it from spilling. There are various ways in which food processing industries utilize JD Jones compression packing products.



Why are JD Jones PTFE packing best for food processing industries?

JD Jones PTFE packing is best for food processing industries as it produces compression packing products that get adapted to high temperatures and are made in a way that does not harm the food being processed.

What are other applications of JD Jones fluid sealing products in Food Processing Products?

JD Jones produces the best fluid sealing products . It is used in Ammonia Compressors, Mixers, Hexane Pumps and Oil Pumps, Oil Pumps, Rotary Driers, Chandler Drilling Machine.