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Bitumen is a sticky, thick, and extremely viscous petroleum waste utilized in roofing, waterproofing, and paving applications, is a sticky, dense, and viscous petroleum byproduct. During the bitumen pumping operation, the high viscosity of asphalt poses various difficulties.

Acid Pumps used in fertilizer industries are made up of best quality PTFE. The packing has a strong structural strength and dimensional stability thanks to the interlock braid design.

JD Jones is the Best Fluid Sealing Product Manufacturer for Fertilizer Industry

JD Jones is best compression packing product supplier that is ideal for fertilizers. Our product line is a more advanced version that aids in productivity gains. This machine is well-liked on the global market for its compact design and good weighing accuracy.

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How are JD Jones fluid sealing products used in the Fertilizer Industry?

Fertilizers are chemical products that require proper compression packing.If not packed they may lose their essence. JD Jones provides best quality compression packing techniques to fertilizer industries that help them to not lose their true essence. There are various applications of compression packing in fertilizers. Some of them are:



What type of compression packing is best for fertilizer packing?

A soft and pliable pure PTFE filament packing, prelubricated in interlock braid is best for fertilizer packing.

What temperature range is best for fertilizer packing?

-200°C to 280°C is best for compression packing for fertilizer packing.