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Code 107463 - PTFE + Expanded PTFE Graphited Braided Packing

Multi-yarn packing made from pure PTFE fibre corners with expanded PTFE graphite fibres at the running surface in interlock braid

  • The expanded PTFE graphited fibres yarns at the base provide excellent chemical resistance, low co-efficient of friction and virtually eliminate shaft scoring
  • The pure PTFE fibre yarns at the corners provide superb extrusion, abrasion and pressure resistance, allowing the packing to be used at very high pressure conditions

Specially designed for the paper industry for black liquor digesters, agitators

Service Media and Conditions Black liquor digester, white liquor, green liquor, pulp cookers, washers, agitators etc
Temperature -200°C to 280°C
Pressure 28 bar (rotary)
Shaft Speed 9 m/sec (rotary)
pH 2 to 13