A world of packings, seals gaskets & lubricants

Office and Manufacturing


JD Jones has a contemporary office in the central business district with a total space of 800 square meters.


Total Area: 25,000 sq metre
Covered Area: 5,000 sq metre
Number of Braiding Machines: 42
Number Compression Moulding Presses: 40
Number of Turning Lathes: 13
Number of CNC Machining Centres: 4
Special Purpose Machines: 8

Some key features:

  • We focus continuously on new technology, machinery, and process automation.
  • We have a large integrated manufacturing facility of about 5,000 sq. meter area with modern machinery complying with REACH regulations and RoHS. We have 300+ employees and a flexible manufacturing facility to shorten lead time to meet customers' urgent demand.
  • To ensure consistent product quality, we have ventured into an automatic thyristor-controlled sintering oven, a semi-automatic compression molding press, a custom-designed CNC turning center, a semi-automatic braiding machine, a panel operated oven, an automatic graphite slitting machine, an automatic custom-designed braided rope cutting machine, etc.
  • We have a dedicated "Quick Ship" facility with separate inventory, machines, and human resources to meet customers' urgent needs in supercritical situations. This is one of our value-added services.