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NA 734 - Acrylic Fibre Braided Packing + Kynol Fibre + PTFE Dispersion + Oil

Acrylic fibre braided packing with kynol fibre corners impregnated with PTFE and inert lubricant

  • A special purpose packing for slurries with excellent elastic recovery properties
  • Kynol fibre on the corners enhances strength and chemical resistance
  • Thorough impregnation of PTFE provides trouble free startup and low friction operation
  • Easy to fit, easy to cut, doesn’t heat up much

A non staining and non abrasive packing, can be used for high speed application.

Service Media and Conditions Mining, sugar plant, pulp and paper industry, river water pumping
Temperature 260°C
Pressure 200 bar (static)
Shaft Speed 22 m/s (rotary)
pH 1 to 13
Applications Pumps