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NA P84 - Polyamide Braided Packing + PTFE Dispersion + Oil

Special blue polyamide yarn braided packing impregnated with PTFE and high viscous lubricant in interlock braid

  • A new generation packing made from filament composed of synthetic polyamide
  • Excellent mechanical and temperature resistance enables the packing to ensure trouble free performance
  • A multipurpose plant wide packing for the pulp and paper industry
  • A thorough impregnation of PTFE provides low friction operations and a dense packing without any leak paths
  • A non-staining and non-abrasive packing, significantly reduces wear rate than many other packing

Available in rope and ring form

Service Media and Conditions Chemicals, strong acids, moderate alkali, pulp and paper applications, liquor, water, sewage, mines applications etc
Temperature -80°C to 280°C
Pressure 200 bar (static), 60 bar (rotary), 45 bar (reciprocating)
Shaft Speed 15 m/sec (rotary)
pH 0 to 13
Applications Pumps, agitators, mixers etc