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Code 17865 and 18765 Black and White Packing - PTFE + Expanded PTFE Graphited Braided Packing

A special combination of man-made fibre packing specially designed for the paper industry in interlock braid

  • Manufactured from the super self-lubricated man-made fibre yarns to give a soft, resilient packing with high dimensional strength, low co-efficient of friction, good chemical resistance and inertness to most media
  • Possessing excellent chemical resistance and heat dissipation properties
  • Ideal for pump handling liquor, pulp and chemical
  • A superb choice of rotary as well as static equipment packing needs
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Does not burn on start-up, low co-efficient of friction

Service Media and Conditions White liquor, green liquor, pulp washer, highly corrosive chemicals
Temperature -200°C to 280°C
Pressure 25 bar (rotary), 150 bar (reciprocating)
Shaft Speed 5 m/sec (rotary), 2 m/sec (reciprocating)
pH 0 to 14
Applications Pumps handling liquors, pulp washers, vacuum pumps, chemical pumps etc