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Petrochemical Plant


The different types of Valves that are produced using JD Jones products are LP Steam Valve, MP Steam Valve, HP Steam Valve, SHP Steam Valve, Feed Water Valve, Condensate Valve, DMDS Valve etc. It has a fantastic plant-wide block valve spool packing that is best suited for petrochemical industries.

The pumps used in the petrochemical industry are made up of PTFE-impregnated pure PTFE filament packing by JD Jones. The different types of pumps which carry highly corrosive chemicals, require them to be made by safeguarded raw materials.This is the reason why JD Jones compression packing products are ideal for petrochemical industries.

JD Jones is the Best Supplier of Fluid Sealing Products for Petrochemical Industry.

In the petrochemical business, JD Jones understands the importance of safety and dependability. We supply the finest quality goods and technological know-how to ensure that the petrochemical production process runs smoothly, reducing downtime and improving worker safety.

How are JD Jones fluid sealing products used in petrochemical industry?

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, JD Jones has a great reputation for high-performance fluid sealing products.



Why are safe fluid sealing products required for Petrochemical Industries?

Extreme temperature and pressures are used in the petrochemical sector to generate various materials, which necessitates specialised engineering.

What is the pH level of JD Jones Compression Packing Products used in the Petrochemical Industry?

The pH level of JD Jones Compression Packing Products used in the Petrochemical Industry is 0 to 14.