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Code 03740 - Acrylic + Spun Aramid Braided Packing

Synthetic fibre braided packing having cross braided of abrasion resistant aramid staple fibre impregnated with PTFE and break-in lubricant

  • A special purpose packing with abrasion resistance, thermal stability, flexibility and good chemical resistance
  • Thorough impregnation of PTFE provides trouble free start-up and low friction operation
  • A high density packing good for crystallising media

A dense non-contaminating packing with excellent volume stability—requires less frequent gland adjustments

Service Media and Conditions Juice, stock, chilled water, cooling water, hot water, solvent, mild abrasives, brine, salt water, mild acid and alkali, slurry, mud slurry, fly ash water, sewage, raw water, chemical slurries etc
Temperature -260°C to 260°C
Pressure 25 bar (rotary)
Shaft Speed 15 m/sec (rotary)
pH 1 to 13