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NA B3 - Expanded Graphite + Inconel Wire Mesh Braided Packing

Expanded graphite packing with Inconel wire mesh jacketing over each yarn

  • The most advanced technology valve packing, designed for extreme performance
  • Ideal for valves handling superheated and saturated steam, hydrocarbons and chemicals valves
  • Packing exhibits extreme pressure and extrusion resistance, serves as an excellent wiper ring in a valve packing set
  • The packing exterior is densely impregnated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction and a corrosion inhibitor to prevent pitting
  • High purity of graphite: 99.5–99.9%
  • Nuclear grade upon request

Available in rope and ring forms

Service Media and Conditions Superheated and saturated steam, all non-oxidising liquids and gases, hot ash, hydrocarbons, dyes and chemicals, fuel oil and lube oil etc
Temperature -240°C to 650°C
Pressure 500 bar (static)
pH 0 to 14
Applications Valves