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Speciality Lubricant

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The specialty of industrial lubricants supplied by JD Jones is designed for high performance and smoother movement. Bearings and parts lubricated with Rolgard run cooler reducing temperature build-up with minimal friction and wear.

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What Are Speciality Lubricants?

A speciality lubricant named Rolgard is produced by JD Jones using quality raw materials. Rolgard is a high-performance, high-temperature lithium-based grease with PTFE reinforcement. Rolgard® forms a thin, adhering layer on the applied metal surface, and the numerous micro PTFE particles work like tiny ball bearings, reducing friction and temperature accumulation. Even at high speeds and temperatures, the presence of PTFE in Rolgard® helps to transmit smoother movement between moveable and interface parts.



What is the most preferred industrial lubricant by industries?

The ROLGARD PTFE Reinforced Grease by JD Jones, one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of industrial lubricants, is the most preferred pick by most end users. Rolgard is a unique high-performance and high-temperature lithium-based grease reinforced with PTFE.

What are the key characteristics of industrial lubricants manufactured by JD Jones?

Rolgard lubricants are mechanically and chemically stable, providing effective lubrication at temperatures up to 250°C. They are excellent for all metal-to-metal lubrication. The lubricant does not soften or harden, unlike ordinary greases. This is also why most customers choose the industrial lubricants manufactured by JD Jones.

How can you choose the correct speciality lubricant manufacturer ?

To select the best specialty lubricant manufacturer , it is essential to check whether they will be able to increase the equipment's reliability. These general technical requirements are determined by your plant's operating conditions and manufacturing processes.