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Expanded Ptfe Products

JD Jones is the Best Expanded PTFE Manufacturer | EPTFE manufacturers

JD Jones is one of the top manufacturers of Expanded PTFE Products and sealant tapes. These products can survive temperatures ranging from -232°C to 315°C, some also having excellent chemical resistance even against strong acids. Expanded PTFE sheet gasket and joint sealant tapes are widely used in refineries and other industries.

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What Are Expanded PTFE Products?

Extrusion of PTFE resin combined with a lubricant produces expanded PTFE grafts. The nanopores structure of ePTFE is achieved using a high-temperature process that involves fast flexing of the extruded tube. Porosity is a key element in determining how well a prosthetic graft heals and integrates with the surrounding tissue. The spacing between the nodes determines the degree of porosity of an ePTFE graft. Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) tube is air-permeable because it is microporous, making it ideal for any application that requires a permeable material. As a result, ePTFE differs from traditional PTFE. To the touch, the materials are soft and flexible, and it is like a smooth, spongey marshmallow. Expanded PTFE is commonly utilized as wire, sealing tape, and tubing. These expanded PTFE materials by JD Jones are made using quality raw materials.



Which industries need expanded PTFE products?

Expanded PTFE products are extensively used in refineries as these products have high resistance to heat, chemicals, and temperature.

What quality of expanded PTFE products does JD Jones manufacture?

As a leading supplier of expanded PTFE products, JD Jones focuses on new technology, machinery & process automation. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, these products are tested and have proven to be the best by many users of various industries.

What are the benefits of expanded PTFE products?

PTFE and expanded PTFE have similar characteristics. The substance is non-toxic and hygienic, and it can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C.