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NA 701 - Expanded Graphite + Inconel Wire Braided Packing

Expanded graphite braided gland packing reinforced with Inconel wire

  • Ideal for superheated and saturated steam, hydrocarbons and chemicals valves
  • Incorporated with a sacrificial metal corrosion inhibitor to protect the shaft from galvanic corrosion
  • Passed fugitive emissions tests as per shell SPE MESC 77/312 (as top and bottom rings with NA 707 packing), Class B
  • Approved and standardised by leading valve makers as well as end users across the globe

Available in rope and ring form

Service Media and Conditions Superheated and saturated steam, all non-oxidising liquids and gases, hydrocarbons, dyes and chemicals, fuel oil and lube oil etc
Temperature -240°C to 650°C
Pressure 450 bar (static)
Shaft Speed 1 m/sec (rotary)
pH 0 to 14
Applications Valves