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Rolgard® is a unique high-performance and high-temperature lithium based grease reinforced with PTFE. Rolgard® deposits a fine, tenacious, clinging film on the applied metal surface and the innumerable micro particles of PTFE act as tiny ball bearings that help minimise friction and temperature buildup.

The presence of PTFE in Rolgard® helps propagate smoother movement between movable and interfacing parts even at high speeds and temperatures.

Parameter Specification Result
Drop Point ASTM D–566 256°C
Evaporation Loss ASTM D–972 2.56%
Mean Hertz Load and Weld Load FTM 6503.2 Mean Hertz Load—47 kg
Weld Load—224 kg
Oil Separation FTM 321.2 2.176%
Penetration (Unworked) ASTM D–217 274 (NLGI 2)
Penetration (Worked—60 Double Strokes) ASTM D–217 284 (NLGI 2)
Penetration (Worked—1,00,000 Strokes) ASTM D–217 311
Rust Preventive Property ASTM D–1743 Pass Rating
Water Washout Characteristics ASTM D–1264 2.86 %
Gear Wear Test FTM 335 0.00058 gm/1,000 cycles
Wear, Steel on Steel (4 Ball) ASTM D–2266 0.670 mm (Wear Scar Diameter)
Boiling Water Immersion FTM 3463.1 No cloudiness and other evidence of emulsification

Copy of complete test report available upon request.

  • The grease is known to be mechanically and chemically stable, providing effective lubrication at temperatures upto 250°C
  • Excellent for all metal to metal lubrication
  • Chemically and mechanically stable. Does not soften or harden, unlike ordinary greases
  • Excellent thermal stability. Resists oil separation and does not migrate from hot surfaces
  • Withstands a wide temperature range, –5 to +250°C
  • Excellent shear stability. Remains where originally applied for extended periods
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Cuts wasteful energy consumption
  • Controls heat build-up. Safeguards your precious equipment
  • Reduces noise and vibration, especially in large gears
  • Contains no chlorine which has been known to promote corrosion
  • Contains no silicone which has been known to cause migration problems
  • High di-electric strength
  • Offers greater malleability than graphite, MoS2 and other solid lubricants
  • Joints treated with Rolgard® are easily dismantled, even after years
  • Increases life of equipment
  • Minimises downtime and maintenance costs

ROLGARD - PTFE Reinforced Grease