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NA SP1 Low Emission Packing Ring Set - Low Emission Packing Set

The most advanced and revolutionary technology all braided valve packing set designed for extreme performance

  • An ‘Ultra’ low emission packing set tested at Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA and passed as per API 622, 2nd edition with 12 ppm average leakage
  • Qualified as per ISO 15848, Part 1 without any gland adjustment for temperature range -196°C to 400°C and up to Class 1500
  • Tested at Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA as per API 589/607 Fire Safe test
  • Developed after extensive developmental process with series of testing at its own state-of-the-art R&D laboratory
  • Tested for weight loss, material test and leachables at Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA weight loss in oxygen-rich environment at 900˚F is 2.9% and at 1,000˚F is 14.3%

Packing set treated with sacrificial corrosion inhibitor to prevent valve stem corrosion

Service Media and Conditions Steam, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, catalysts, oils and gases, acid and alkali etc
Temperature -196°C to 450°C
pH 0 to 14
Applications Valves