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NA 707T Graphite Tanged Ring - Flexible Graphite + SS Tanged Ring

Flexible graphite ring with SS tanged insert in alternate layers

  • This laminated ring is composed of alternate layers of metal and graphite using mechanical bonding for high temperature use
  • The graphite is compressed to the perforated metal sheet which ensures mechanical bonding without use of adhesives
  • Sturdy seal with excellent mechanical strength
  • Wide temperature range with exceptional stress retention property making it extremely suitable for a wide range of application in the process industry
  • Exceptional resistance to blow-out and crushing
  • Enhanced strength for ease of handling and fitting
  • Available with SS304, SS316, Inconel and other grade of metal depending on requirements

Torque seating during closing of the valve provides uniform forces around the entire circumference of the valve seat. The compression forces equally distributed around the perimeter provide a tight shut off. The resiliency of the seal allows the valve body and disc to contract or expand without the risk of jamming due to temperature fluctuations

Temperature -240°C to 650°C
Applications Piston valve, Control valve etc.