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NA 557V Silica Fibre Cloth

Pure silica fibre woven high temperature cloth with a special high temperature resistant coating

  • High grade silica fibres resist elevated temperatures for longer durations without any thermal degradation
  • Zero loss upon ignition
  • Practically unaffected by direct flame, hot blast, molten metal, welding sparks and flux
  • A much better alternative to asbestos, fibre glass and asbestos cloth
  • The best insulating cloth available in the market today

Available in width of 1 m approximate; thickness 1 mm+

Service Media and Conditions Direct exposure to flame, hot blast, molten alumina, acids and alkalis
Temperature 1260°C
Applications Boiler and turbine covers, pipe wrapping, welding cover/blanketing, protective covers from heat/molten metals, other insulation purposes