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Expanded Graphite + Inconel Wire Mesh + Inconel Reinforced Braided Packing

Expanded graphite packing having an Inconel wire mesh jacketing over each yarn, further reinforced with multiple Inconel wire inside each yarn.

  • An ideal plant-wide spool packing for block valve.
  • A true zero-leakage packing for steam service for conservation of energy.
  • Passed API 589/607 Fire Safe tests.
  • Average leakage of 1/4 inch over 1510 cycles is 20.2PPMv and of 1/8 inch over 1510 cycles is 20.1 PPMv
  • Packing exhibits extreme pressure and extrusion resistance.
  • The packing exterior is densely impregnated with lubricating agents to reduce stem friction and a corrosion inhibitor to prevent pitting.
  • High purity of graphite High purity of graphite with low detrimental materials like chlorides & fluorides, eliminate the chance of decomposition at elevated temperature, and formation of oxides, thereby reducing volume loss and increased tightness.
  • Packing set treated with passive corrosion inhibitor for effective corrosion resistance even for prolong use at high temperature.
  • Average leakage at high temperature of 1/4 inch over 300 cycles is 25.3PPMv and 1/8 inch over 300 cycles is 24.4

Available in Rope & Ring format

Service Media and Conditions Superheated and saturated steam, all non-oxidising liquids and gases, hot ash, hydrocarbons, dyes and chemicals, fuel oil and lube oil etc.
Temperature -240°C to 650°C
Pressure 550 Bar (Static)
pH 0 - 14