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Yoke Air Sealing - Silica Fibre + Inconel Wire Mesh Twisted Braided Rope

Silica fibre braided insulation rope with a unique special alloy core

  • A new generation insulating packing rope made from high grade silica fibres with a resilient core
  • Silica fibres are practically untouched by elevated temperatures, with no signs of thermal degradation at extreme conditions
  • The unique ‘soft core’ construction made from special alloy wires provides excellent memory/resilience to the packing rope, making it reusable in certain conditions
  • Much better alternative to conventional insulating packings such as asbestos, fibre glass, ceramic etc
  • Lasts longer than any other material

Available in a wide range of sizes

Service Media and Conditions Direct exposure to flame, hot blast, molten alumina, acids and alkalis
Temperature 1260°C
Applications Boiler doors, expansion joints, coke ovens, kiln cars, blast furnaces, pipe wrapping, lagging etc