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RTFE Seats with Wire Winding

Reinforced PTFE seats for butterfly valve with wire winding

  • Made from reinforced PTFE having 10% chopped glass, 9.4% carbon and 0.4% graphite filler* to achieve good hardness
  • The seat is winded with special quality SS wire for better flexibility and resiliency
  • The seat is manufactured by compression moulding at high pressure 450 kg/cm2 to achieve excellent structure strength
  • Ideal valve seat for butterfly valves
  • Available in different sizes and profiles according to specific drawing
  • Approved by TYCO for their K-LOK high performance butterfly valve
  • *Also available in different material of construction as per specific requirement

Parameter Value Chemical Composition (Seat Material) 80% PTFE, 10% chopped glass, 9.4% carbon, 0.6% graphite* Hardness (Seat material) 60–70 Shore D Wire Material ASTM A313 Wire Diameter 0.20 mm