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NA 704 - Expanded Graphite Braided + Flexible Graphite Cup-n-Cone Ring Set

Special combination set of flexible pure graphite braided and moulded rings for soot blowers

  • Unique design for super performance
  • Top and bottom rings of braided flexible graphite with Inconel wire (single oblique cut)
  • Intermediate rings of die moulded flexible graphite (endless/2 halves)
  • A resilient packing set that resists high temperatures to give a long service life
  • Approved by a host of OEMs

Usually manufactured in chevron cross-sectional profile, also available in square/ rectangular cross sections as ready to use ring sets

Temperature -200°C to 540°C
Pressure 350 bar (static)
pH 0 to 14
Applications Soot blower travelling carriage, swivel tube, valve stems, rotary blower etc