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NA 555V - Ceramic Cloth + Vermiculite Coating

Ceramic fibre cloth with a special high temperature coating

  • Excellent insulation cloth to withstand temperature up to 1,260°C
  • Much better substitute of conventional asbestos cloth which is not meant for use over 450°C
  • Manifold service life compared to conventional asbestos/ceramic/glass fabrics
  • Very low loss upon ignition
  • Both sides impregnated with special high temperature coating to avoid flow even at elevated temperatures
  • Available in rolls of different thicknesses—2 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm etc and width of 1 metre

SS/Inconel wire reinforcements also available upon request

Service Media and Conditions Direct exposures to flame, hot blast, coal ash, molten alumina, acids and alkalis
Temperature 1260°C
Applications Pipe wrapping, flange wrapping, insulation booth for on-site welding, grinding etc, boiler and turbine covers and other insulation purposes