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Graphite Laminar Seal - Flexible Graphite + Alternate layer of graphite foil and metals

Flexible graphite laminar seal with alternate layers of graphite and metals

  • The laminar seal ring is composed of alternate layers of graphite foil and metal which allows the seal to remain flexible and at the same time, resistant to erosion and wear thereby, ensuring longer life of butterfly valves which are used for regulating the flow
  • The elements of the laminated plate can be offered with various metals, like SS304, SS316, Hastelloy, C276, S31803, Monel 400, UNS32750, S32760, and S32750, depending on the media
  • Different soft materials used are Sigraflex C, Sigraflex E, Sigraflex Z, Sigraflex ZX, Sigraflex APX and Sigraflex APX2 depending on requirements
  • The sealing is flexible and resistant to corrosion and wear in high temperature conditions and guarantees longer lifespan of the entire valve. Its high elastic recovery provides effective sealing, optimum reliability and reduced maintenance
  • The laminated seal provides complete bubble-tight shut-off in gas applications, even under corrosive and high temperature conditions. Each individual layer performs an independent sealing and is unaffected by the damages to other layers
  • The geometry and structure of the seal is defined by the valve manufacturer but commonly used construction has been shown above
Temperature -198°C to 600°C
Applications Triple off-set butterfly valves