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Chevron Packing Set

  • The Chevron packing set is a multi-part sealing set specially designed for optimum sealing at low torque
  • The Chevrpon packing set consists of a gland ring/ female adapter, header/male adapter and several intermediate V-rings or pressure rings, forming a multi-lip packing suitable for mechanically challenging conditions in rod and pistons applications.
  • The rings are tapered to give an initial interference when confined in the seal housing, ensures that the ring elements are not pushed into the downstream system gap (gap extrusion) thus, automatically distributing pressure and ensuring an effective seal along the shaft
  • Materials offered: PTFE, TFM, RPTFE such as carbon filled, glass filled, glass + MoS2 filled, glass + graphite + carbon filled, calcium metasilicate filled, carbon filled with ECG alloy 88, PEEK filled and many more
  • We also offer Chevron packing sets with combination rings (Top/Intermediate/Bottom) of varying materials

Customizable solutions as per customers’ need

Temperature -75°C to 250°C
Applications Valve stuffing box