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Pacmaan® NA 730FG - Acrylic Fibre Braided Packing + PTFE Dispersion + Oil

Synthetic fibre interlock braided packing impregnated with PTFE and break-in lubricant

  • A general purpose packing with good chemical resistance and high tensile strength
  • Thorough impregnation of PTFE provides trouble free start-up and low friction operation
  • A high density packing good for crystallising media
  • A filament core provides mechanical strength and dimensional stability
  • Widely used for knife gate valves
  • Food Grade certified as per Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14

Preformed rings available

Service Media and Conditions Water, chilled water, cooling water, solvent, mild abrasives, brine, salt water, mild acid and alkali, foodstuff etc
Temperature -100°C to 260°C
Pressure 100 bar (static), 20 bar (rotary), 80 bar (reciprocating)
Shaft Speed 12 m/sec (rotary)
pH 2 to 12
Applications Pumps and valves, knife gate valves