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NA B3 + 707 Low Emission Packing Set - Low Emission Packing Set

Combination set consisting of NA B-3 Inconel jacketed expanded graphite braided packing as end rings and NA 707 flexible pure graphite die-formed packings as intermediate rings

  • The most advanced technology valve packing set designed for high pressure application and extreme performance
  • True low emission graphite packing ( <100ppm )
  • Certified as per API 622, 3rd edition from Yarmouth Research & Technology, USA 1"x 1.5"x1/4" with 20 ppm average leakage and 0.4375"x 0.6875"x1/8" with 2 ppm average leakage
  • Tested at Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA as per API 589/607 Fire Safe test
  • Used in valve qualification of different brands as per API 624 and ISO 15848
  • Used in valve qualification for cryogenic applications
  • High purity graphite with low detrimental materials like chlorides, fluorides and sulphides, eliminates the chance of decomposition at elevated temperature and formation of oxide, thereby reducing volume loss and increasing tightness
  • The braided end rings are excellent wiper rings, which prevent build up of free graphite/contamination on the valve stem, increase extrusion resistance, pressure resistance and dimensional stability
  • Packing set treated with a high temperature resistant solid lubricating agentto reduce friction even at elevated temperature
  • Packing can be impregnated with a passive corrosion inhibitor for effective corrosion resistance at high temperature even for prolonged use
Service Media and Conditions Steam, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, catalysts, oils and gases, acid and alkali etc
Temperature -196°C to 540°C
Pressure 425 bar (static)
pH 0 to 14
Applications Valves