SS Laminated Graphite Ring

Flexible graphite ring with SS lamination for triple off-set butterfly valve

  • This laminated ring is composed of alternating layers of alternating layers of metal and graphite using phenolic resin bond
  • The layers of graphite compensate for the lack of smooth mating surfaces. The laminated seat ring provides bubble tight shut-off even in gas application
  • Each individual layer performs an independent sealing and is unaffected by the damages to other layers
  • This construction provides extra rigidity and tensile strength

Torque seating during closing of the valve provides uniform forces around the entire circumference of the valve seat. The self-adjusting, resilient seal flexes and energises, assuming the shape of the seat. The compression forces equally distributed around the perimeter provide a tight bi-directional shut off. The resiliency of the seal allows the valve body and disc to contract or expand without the risk of jamming due to temperature fluctuations

Temperature -240┬░C to 650┬░C
Applications Triple off-set valves generally used in applications that require bi-directional tight shut-off in oil and gas, LNG/NPG terminals and tanks etc